Mr. Big’s Pat Torpey – suffering from Parkinson’s Disease

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I was very saddened to hear the terrible news that a huge influence of mine, Pat Torpey is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. The Mr. Big website has released the following statement – To our fan’s around the world: Pat Torpey, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and unfortunately will be unable to perform all of…

Are “Rent Seekers” why I don’t have a Hoverboard and Power Laces?

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After a chat with some fellow Yelpers at the recent Porterhouse event, I looked a little more into one of my pet hates – stifled innovation. The conversation started out when I brushed upon why we no longer have Supersonic air travel. Our topic was regarding consolidation of existing technology (ie I love my iPhone…

Paul Gilbert & Thomas Lang

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I had a great day hanging with Thomas Lang and the tremendous Paul Gilbert yesterday. It was very cool to meet Paul for the first time – he is a tremendous player that I have admired from the first Mr. Big album onwards.  

Proof that Thomas Lang’s talent is Super Hero-like. Part 1.

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Drum lessons at the Lang household were quite informal for me. It was not unusual for us to cover technique-based lessons outside in the garden. On one such occasion, Thomas attracted the attention of a plump bee. After buzzing around his naked torso (yeah we tanned and drummed… what of it?) for a few moments,…

Ringo On His “Silly Fills” with The Beatles

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I read this interview with Ringo (by Robyn Flans) from December 1981’s Modern Drummer and was quite shocked. Imagine being in The Beatles and not knowing how influential you were and also being misunderstood by your fellow bandmembers/producer. Take a listen to “Strawberry Fields” as just one example. Those drum fills are played with such…

Synchronicity – The Police

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Stuart Copeland playing like a machine! Also seen Marco Minnemann do a fantastic job of playing this in London. Tremendous song and class drumming! Check it out!

Some great Bruce Foxton – From The Jam Footage!

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I had not seen this before today – some footage of Down In The Tube Station at Midnight from Wake Up Woking 2:

I don’t care much for Schwarzenegger nor Armstrong

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Ike Willis

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I met with Frank Zappa’s lead vocalist and guitarist from 1978 to 1988, Ike Willis last week. It has taken me a few days for the dust settle and for me to formulate my thoughts! If you have ever listened to Zappa’s album, Joe’s Garage… It’s 90% Ike on leads vocals. And he plays guitar…

Even more Zappa alumni today…

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A great meeting with the wonderful Ike Willis and his lovely wife today… full details to follow…