A Day with Robby Krieger and Phil Chen

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I had a great day hanging with my macrobiotic guru and musical nutritionist, Phil Chen today.

Drum Covers?

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It was an interesting question that arose today… Pro-Mark drumsticks (a company whose products are amazing, by the way) asked on all of their social media channels… “Tell us about your latest drum covers”. If you are not part of the weird word of drumming, even the question may be somewhat of a alien use…

Chris Grainger footage featured on the NME website!

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Virgil Donati Live at the Baked Potato

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A wonderful night at the Baked Potato last night! As ever Virgil TORE IT UP! A lovely humble guy who is not afraid to take chances up there! When was the last time you saw a drummer really stretch out and takes some risks up on stage? Keith Moon perhaps? He was dangerous last night!

DW Drum Workshop “Candy Shop”

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Thomas Lang trying out some new prototypes at the DW Drum Workshop “Candy Shop”… Rare to see Thomas on such a compact set! This day was great fun and so nice of the DW crew to offer us such an opportunity. This culminated in a three-way jam with myself, Cobus Potgieter and Thomas with a…

Chad Smith – Red Hot Chili Peppers/Bombastic Meatbats

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The Black Pearl Reference kit gives the only hint as to who is playing at the Baked Potato tonight. One tom up, two down and a 24″ kick drum is all Mr Smith needs to hammer out those stellar chops and grooves. The last time I was here was to see Bozzio, Machacek and Johnson….

Alex Van Halen!

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The highlight of today… Seeing the Reverend Alex Van Halen’s tour kit at Guitar Centre. All four bass drums ‘n all!

Steve Norman – Spandau Ballet

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                        It was a real pleasure to play a show with the legendary Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet today. What a fantastic musician – he played his ass off up there today!

George Duke… more Zappa Alumni

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In keeping with my recent trip to Los Angeles, I went to watch some quality live music (and ate some great sushi) last night. Also in keeping with my recent spate of seeing ex-Zappa alumni in action, I went to see the amazing George DukeĀ at the Jazz Cafe. I could only dream of having a…

Terry Bozzio – Live at The Baked Potato

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  So. I went to Los Angeles. Where music still lives. And it lives well there. I think that the only alarming part of this was how small the audiences were for the gigs. Hell, the band that played in the hotel bar had a bigger attendance. There were highlights though. Terry Bozzio at the…