Wake up Woking 2

 15 June 2011

Once again the sounds of Woking’s very own The Jam came to life at the HG Wells Conference and Events Centre in Woking on Saturday.

Bruce Foxton, an original member of The Jam, along with band members Russell Hasting and Chris Grainger played a sell out gig in aid of Woking Hospice.  As final monies were still be counted, it was hoped the evening will have raised in excess of £10,000 for the Hospice.

Vic Falsetta who organised the event said “The event was a sell out and Bruce Foxton along with band members Russ and Chris did not disappoint the crowd who enjoyed old favourites such as Eaton Rifles and A Town Called Malice. A huge thank you also goes to Steve Brookes and the 516’s who give their time so generously to the Woking Hospice cause.”

From The Jam – Osfest 2011

Many peoples highlight of the festival was “From The Jam” ( Who opened the main stage on Sunday night. The line up consists of original “Jam” bass player Bruce Foxton (who also played with “Stiff Little Fingers”), drummer Chris Grainger , and singer Russell Hastings who has shocked and amazed audiences worldwide with his authentic and passionate performance of The Jams back catalogue.

“From The Jam” played the classic hits such as “Down In The Tube Station At Midnight”, “Going Underground”, “Beat Surrender” and of course- “Town Called Malice”. Everyone in the crowd went absolutely nuts for these guys. The combination of fantastic, nostalgic songs and fantastically talented and reputable musicians meant that “From The Jam” had OsFest buzzing! Most importantly though- you could feel their energy- you knew that they were having the time of their lives performing to such a receptive crowd.


Apart From Rod – The Original Rod Stewart Group @ The Boom Boom Club, Sutton, UK.

15th July 2011. Review by Alison Graham.

This was to be the third time I’d seen AFR at the Boom Boom. The first time was last year with Robert Hart on vocals last November, the second was Jim Stapley’s outstanding debut with the band back in February. So I know I am repeating myself but no apologies … needs to be reiterated. So, since then we’ve been treading a fine line between being supporters and stalkers and therefore have clocked up a fair few gigs along the way. We’ve seen them with Gary Grainger,and with Robin Le Mesurier ( unfortunately , missed the one with both of them!) Gigs of different sizes, different atmospheres, but the Boom Boom is a special place.

AFR’s reputation has grown here and the crowd was hugely expectant before they were anywhere near the stage. It was hot, a breathless sticky hot, and the 200 strong crowd were fairly crammed in at the front. So we positioned ourselves to the side of the stage for a good, if somewhat angled view. The legends that are Jim Cregan and Gary Grainger need no introduction. Rod Royalty. Tonight we have Gary’s son Chris Grainger, and bloody good he was tooo, plus awesome regulars Pat Davey on bass and Sam Tanner on keyboards. Fronted by the now infinitely more confident Jim Stapley pouting and strutting his stuff on the way too small stage, performing his vocal gymnastics, so suited to this material we love so well. but still somehow sounding reigned in, like he can do so much more, and letting us hear just flashes of it, teasing us almost. The humidity and heat playing havoc with the guitar tuning actually make little difference to the sound, such is the calibre of the musicians in this band.

Highlights are Wild side of life, its a little slower, but takes us right back to the seventies, feels like it did then, raw but tight, guitars bouncing off each other. Joking. For any Rod fan from any time, hearing Cregan and co author Grainger make those guitars cry and sing, plus Stapley nailing the soulful heartfelt vocals of what is generally regarded as one of, if not the, best offering in a 40 plus year Stewart career, it’s an exquisite experience . Makes the two hour drive there worth it for that alone. Passion, Big Jim solo and bass lick from Pat. Brilliant Blondes.. only because we never hear this live anywhere else… and Sams keyboards are fab, and I just love it. These guys are giving their all, drenched in sweat, rocking it out to an audience that are by now bouncing and singing their hearts out. And the encore turns it up a gear.

To hear this stuff, played in the exact same way we love it, by the musicians we love is a gift. And i’m gonna keep enjoying this gift for as long as these guys keep giving it. Go see them.

Set list… Hot Legs, Forever Young, Tonights the Night, Wild Side of Life, IDWTAI, Baby Jane, In My Heart, Joking, You Wear It Well, Passion, Blondes, Losing You, Maggie May, Stay with me,… Encore Sailing, Twisting, SLRR.